English Language and Linguistics Staff


I have research interests in spoken and written discourse analysis, textual culture (particularly reception studies), language and gender, masculinity and popular culture, sociolinguistics and educational linguistics. I have published articles and chapters on discourses and representations of masculinity in popular culture, and (with Elizabeth Stokoe, Loughborough University) on tutorial discourse and student identity.

I am the editor of Masculinity and the Men's Lifestyle Magazine
(2003, Blackwell) and co-author (with Elizabeth Stokoe) of  Discourse and Identity (2006, EUP). I am co-editor (with James Procter and Gemma Robinson) of a Special Issue of New Formations (Reading After Empire) and of a Routledge edited collection: Postcolonial Audiences: Readers, Viewers and Reception.

I have research interests in the early history of the linguistic sciences (especially in late-classical and medieval Europe) and in scholastic hermeneutics. 

My work to date has focused principally upon the hermeneutic writings of John Wyclif, but I have also published on medieval Latin literature (insular and continental), as well as the intellectual culture surrounding ‘grammatica’ and its sister arts throughout the medieval period. 

My other interests include Old and Middle English language and literature and historical linguistics.  My translations of a representative selection of Wyclif’s Latin writings are to be published soon in a single volume, John Wyclif: Selected Latin Works in Translation (MUP, 2012).

I’m interested in the cognitive and cultural foundations of language, particularly in order to investigate how language originated and became complex.

I work in a number of related research areas, including: the evolution of language; linguistic complexity; cross-situational learning; reanalysis and grammaticalisation; cultural evolution; language systematicity and regularisation; (socio-) cognitive linguistics. The research page on my personal website gives more details of my work in these areas.

I’ve been heavily involved in the organisation
of the most recent EVOLANG conferences, and have edited three of the accompanying volumes (2006, 2008, 2010, all World Scientific).