M.Litt. in English Language and Linguistics


Grammar for TESOL

The module aims to give students a broad overview of key areas of English grammar, and to enable them to analyse the grammar of sentences and texts. On completion of the module, successful students will be able to: identify the grammar of words, sentences and texts, using a grammar reference book if necessary; use common grammatical terminology appropriately; give simple and accurate explanations of differences in form and meaning between similar examples; identify and diagnose common learner errors; identify some key grammatical differences between English and another language; select appropriate grammar areas for teaching at different proficiency levels.

Grammar for TESOL complements other modules related to development and cognition such as Language and Cognition and Evolutionary Linguistics.

Available as an option module in Autumn 2015. Teaching on Grammar for TESOL is provided by the Centre for English Language Teaching in the School of Education.