M.Litt. in English Language and Linguistics


Corpus Linguistics (Corpora for English Language Research and Teaching)

This module describes the application of corpus linguistics to language teaching and research. A great deal of research into how languages are used is now carried out using electronic collections of written or spoken texts (corpora). In Corpora for English Language Research and Teaching, you will learn about different types of corpus, and how they can be used to throw light on a range of areas of language, including: meanings and uses of individual words; grammar and usage; differences between written and spoken English; spoken and written discourse; varieties of English; learners’ use of English; applications to language teaching.

It particularly complements other modules related to varieties of language and language use such as Sociolinguistics and Varieties of English and Historical Linguistics and the History of English.

Available as an option module in Spring 2016. Teaching on Corpus Linguistics is provided by the Centre for English Language Teaching in the School of Education.