M.Litt. in English Language and Linguistics

of Language

Structures of Language is the core programme module for the MLitt in English Language and Linguistics. This module provides students with a thorough grounding in the central concepts, theoretical approaches and practical techniques used in linguistic research, and is the foundation for the option modules on the programme.

Our focus is an investigation into the structures of language across three fundamental dimensions: sound structure (articulatory phonetics, phonology), grammatical structure (morphology, syntactic theory and analysis) and meaning structure (semantics, constructional meaning, pragmatics), as well as the different contexts (e.g. social, historical) in which language is used.

English is the primary but by no means exclusive source of illustration and example, which allow us to understand the basic principles underlying universals of language structure more generally.

Available as a core module in Autumn 2014. Module convenor: Andrew Smith.